Behind the Scenes: Presets, In-Game Polling, and Player Owned Shops

by DeveloperJ

09/06/2017: Behind the Scenes: Presets, In-Game Polling, and Player Owned Shops

Hello, Over the past two weeks i've been working on some great new QoL updates, and will be implementing another one before the end of June.  Presets  A preset is a group of items that you can load into your inventory or equipment as long as you have the items in your bank. Players can do this by clicking on the bank and selecting the preset button which will open another interface. In this interface you can save your current inventory and or equipment setup into the preset, or you can load the preset into your equipment or inventory. It is also possible to clear your preset which upon confirmation will delete the entire presets setup. It is worth noting again that all items to be loaded must come from your bank, they do not come out of thin air.    The intention with this Quality of Life update is that we introduce a much faster way for players to go from wearing nothing to clicking a few buttons and wearing an entire setup whether it's for player killing, pvming, or simply skilling.  [/img]   In-Game Polling  I've wanted to implement this for quite some time. The concept of polling...
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Patch Notes | 1.6.1

by Crux

31/05/2017: Patch Notes | 1.6.1

Hello Crux community members!   More QoL and bug fixes adding on to yesterdays large patch, also better Discord integration!   Discord integration has been completed Clan chat: At the moment this is only enabled for the "Help" official clan chat You can message Discord from in-game and in-game from Discord Users chatting from Discord will have a "D:" prefix beside their nick-name Commands: ~players [displays the amount of players online] ~star [displays where the shooting star is currently located or when it will spawn] ~gano [displays where the Ganodermic beast is currently located or when it will spawn] ~servertime [displays the current server time] ~pm "username" message [PM's a user in-game from Discord, only works if their private is ON and they are online] ~staff [displays a list of online staff members] ~topic # [gives you a link to the topic with the specified id] ~help [it's a troll, don't do...
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Forced password reset May 30th 2017

by Crux

30/05/2017: Forced password reset May 30th 2017

Greetings Crux community members!   I understand this may come as a shock when logging in and being asked to change your password.   However it has come to our attention that another server's database has been compromised and is being used to cross reference accounts at Crux. Users who use the same password are at risk of losing their account. We are forcing this password change for _everyone_ to ensure the integrity of your accounts security, Crux has not been compromised and you need not for alarm.   As always ensure your account is 100% secure by enabling 2-factor authentication and setting up a bank PIN. Doing this will grant you a free 5% drop rate increase, there is no reason for your account to not be secured.   Thank you for understanding, Crux Administration team ...
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