Patch Notes | 1.1

by Crux

26/03/2017: Patch Notes | 1.1

Hello Crux community members! Today we have a nice patch with some bug fixes and changes to existing content as well as a new game mode!   Starter pack for regular players has been updated to better support new players in training at a low level We have added a new game mode, PK mode, this mode is not yet complete however it can be played now You cannot attack non-playable characters in this game mode You can set your combat stats to any level, we will be adding preset level commands for ::pure ::master ::zerker etc You _can_ revert this game mode to a normal player but only after 24 hours playtime AND all your combat skills will be reset upon confirmation This game mode has starting gear and other items PK'ers will find useful, this game mode is the base for the future of PvP on Crux, stay turned for what we have in store   In other news... The Abyssal Sire will no longer respawn when dying in its third phase Last top PK'er has been added to the quest tab Make formatting of top pker announcement better Fixed the position of...
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Patch Notes | 1.0

by Crux

17/03/2017: Patch Notes | 1.0

Hello Crux community members! We have one notable new addition and several fixes, hope you guys enjoy!   We have added the Top Daily PKer, some of you may have seen the workings of this in the Discord channel and it has made its way here How it works Everyday at 11:59PM EST, the player with the most kills will be rewarded the following: Top PKer crown for 24 hours Mystery Box 5,000 PK Point 1 - 5 Tier 1 Mysterious Emblems (500 - 2,500 PK Points) Scoreboard  Talk to Mandridth in Edgeville, or click the Scoreboard near the wilderness in Edgeville, to open the Scoreboard interface. This interface will output the following information: The top 25 entries for today. The winner of the last session. The rewards for the current session. Additional Rewards  It is possible for the winner to receive additional, custom rewards, for a given session....
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Patch Notes | 0.9

by Crux

12/03/2017: Patch Notes | 0.9

Hello Crux community members! We have a fairly good bit of new content, fixes, tweaks and quality of life updates this patch, as mentioned in 0.8 we had several things planned for 0.9 and we have delivered on all of them. I'd like to formally apologize for the delay in this update, this last week I ran into an unexpected emergency family issue which is now resolved, also my little sister had a birthday party today so I attended that as well! Anyways on with the stuff you guys care about, the updates!   Abyssal sire has been added The Abyssal sire is nearly identical to OSRS The Abyssal sire is only able to be killed on a Slayer task (Abyssal demon OR Abyssal sire) The Abyssal sire drops the Unsired which can be used on the font of consumption for a random reward (bludgeon piece, whip, abyssal dagger) This means all new weapons that came with this boss have been added (Abyssal bludgeon and Abyssal dagger) The Abyssal sire can be accessed through the bossing teleports menu Demonic and Tortured gorillas have been added Also the same as above, these...
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