Patch Notes | 0.7

by Crux

15/02/2017: Patch Notes | 0.7

Hello Crux community! Now that the nasty engine update is out of the way we have some juicy new content and other additions for you. Expect much more in the next few weeks.   Cerberus boss has been added Cerberus can be found in your teleports menu Cerberus may only be attacked while on a Hellhounds OR Cerberus Slayer task Cerberus has a fairly profitable loot table for being a Slayer boss Loot from 1,000 kills (average is over 1b in supplies, unique drops have no price) Spoiler   Bounty hunter target system has been added, hopefully this spices up the wilderness. Targets are assigned base on a few factors Combat level Wilderness level Players you have recently killed Ironmen can only be assigned other ironmen targets (subject to change) Search delay/priority based on your...
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Discord Q&A 2/11/2017

by O Paws

08/02/2017: Discord Q&A 2/11/2017

Hello Cruxions,   This Saturday February 11, 2017 at 1:00-2:00 PM EST timezone we will be hosting a Q&A in our discord; where the community may ask the development team and administrators any questions they wish to ask. The way this will work is we will pre-select a number and have all of you guess the number one-by-one; the numbers that are guessed that are in the closest proximity to the pre-selected number will go before those of numbers guessed that are farther off from the pre-selected number.    We are hoping to utilize these Q&As to further connect with the community; as well as, keep them updated and involved with the direction that Crux is heading in. We will have no set schedule for these Q&As at the current time, but we are planning to do them frequently. If you are unable to attend the Q&A we will be recording the entirety of this gathering and will post it on forums for those of you who couldn't make it but have some input. We hope to see you and speak with you on our first Q&A, thanks!   You may join our discord server at this...
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Patch Notes | 0.6.2

by Crux

07/02/2017: Patch Notes | 0.6.2

Hello Crux community.   Another minor patch to help resolve some of the issues we have been facing since the 0.6.0 engine update. I hope that nearly everything is resolved now. We are focusing on new content at the moment, stay tuned for some great updates.   Fixed agility stepping stones at Wilderness course (graphical issue) The portal leading to home has been removed from the Wilderness agility course The random waterfiend has been removed from the skeletal warlords area Mandrith has been moved to the south wall I have reviewed clue scrolls one last time and fixed the remaining I have reduced the rate of prayers again Smite and Soul Split have been fixed You can no longer lose pets while in instances (Jad and Zulrah) You can no longer receive experience in FFA areas You can no longer farm unlimited with a full inventory You can now purchase Prayer items from the Wise old man Godwars entrance doors have been fixed Warriors guild doors have been fixed Elder zone gates and ladder have been fixed If you already have a bank pin...
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