Patch Notes | 1.3

by Crux

18/04/2017: Patch Notes | 1.3

Hello Crux community members, we have some exciting new updates today!   Slayer rework is finally here There is a brand new rewards interface with lots of unlock options and extensions available The slayer general store has been updated with slayer items required on new tasks Custom slayer helmets can now be created from Abyssal, Kalphite and KBD heads Fremennik slayer dungeon has been added Zanaris teleport has been added for access to Fungi/Zygomite (Fungicide required) Tons of new slayer tasks have been added (note some of these may need a drop table or a drop table rework) Fungi Zygomite Lizardmen (teleport to Lizardman shaman, go in opposite direction to find) Dessert Lizard (find at Dust Devils - Bag of ice required) Skeletal Wyvern Iron Dragons Bronze Dragons Red Dragons Spiritual Creatures Cave...
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Patch Notes | 1.2

by Crux

10/04/2017: Patch Notes | 1.2

Hello Crux community members! I'd like to apologize for the delay in this patch, it took some more time than anticipated as we were planning on rolling out the drop table rework entirely all the while setting up the QA team with their own server. We have fixed a ton of bugs and the testers have had a blast being able to test all of our new content to the fullest before release. We think this was a smart and productive move for pre-testing content before release to minimize bugs and issues.   Cave krakens have been added in the kraken cave Cave krakens have been added as a slayer task Note: Cave krakens currently do not have a drop table We have released the Kraken Kraken may only be attacked while on a Kraken task or Cave Kraken task We have added the Trident of the Seas It is working nearly 100% to OSRS, requires the correct runes and coins to charge It is received as a 1/400 rate from the Kraken We have added the Tentacle whip It is working nearly 100% to OSRS, requires the Kraken tentacle and will consume your whip after 10,000...
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Daily Top PKer #14 and beyond | Information

by Crux

01/04/2017: Daily Top PKer #14 and beyond | Information

  Hello Crux community members,   If you participate in the Daily Top PKer you may have noticed the event for today (Thursday) has been extended for a longer period. We are running a trial on a new weekend PKer event, it will run from Thursday 11:59 PM to Sunday 11:59 PM. It is the same as the daily events throughout the week and the winner is determined the same way, however the rewards are greater ($20 worth of in-game items) and on a week-to-week basis we plan on offering better rewards such as actual cash for competing in this mini tournament.   When we determine weekly rewards for this event we will post an announcement.   Good luck to all the PKers! Best regards, Crux Administration team ...
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