Patch Notes | 0.5.1

by Menthinistrator

22/12/16: Patch Notes | 0.5.1

Hello Cruxions! We hope you enjoyed our new years boost, I don't think we will see an event like this happen again for awhile! Anyway this patch includes one new content addition and several bug fixes.   This is the schedule I'd like to maintain for releases from now on. A minor patch followed by a major patch.   Here we go: The Well of Good Will has been added You can donate to the Well in Edgeville The Well has 5 possible events Double slayer points for 60 minutes Double duo-slayer points for 60 minutes Double experience in a random non-combat skill (excluding Prayer) for 60 minutes Double PK points for 60 minutes Double PC points for 15 minutes Double drops for 15 minutes You roll twice on the drop table after killing a mob Your second drop will NOT use any drop rate modifiers you have The Well requires 1,000,000,000 GP in order to start an event After an event has ended the Well has a cool down time of 3...
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Patch Notes | 0.5

by Menthinistrator

22/12/16: Patch Notes | 0.5

Hello Cruxions! Happy holidays, happy new year, we hope you had a good one. Everything is back on schedule and updates will be regular now.   Lots of patches and a few new additions this update: Jewelry can now be enchanted Jewelry can now be strung Bolt Smithing has been added Bolt making has been added Bolt enchanting has been added And in other news... General Graador will now drop noted ourg bones (before big bones were dropped) Mithril dragons will now drop 1-5 noted mithril bars every drop The random Chaos Dwarf has been removed from the blue dragon lair in Taverly dungeon Fish/Cook/Eat a salmon achievements have been removed Killstreak achievements have been removed Super restores have been fixed (again) When starting a new account Extreme game mode now states the Drop rate increase The Divine spirit shield now blocks 30% of all incoming damage The ::yell command is now pretty Ultimate ironman mode has been added The Hardcore ironman mode has been reworked slightly Hardcore ironmen receive a new icon (red...
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Crux Best Drops of the Week Event!

by Menthinistrator

22/12/16: Crux Best Drops of the Week Event!

Hello, Starting today, Monday the 26th of December, 2016 we will be holding a best drop competition! There are multiple entries allowed and all you need to do is post on this thread to enter! The event will end on Saturday the 31st of December, 2016.   Rules: 1. The drop must be a global announcement drop; these are the drops that announce to the server. 2. The date and time of the drop must be in the screenshot. All of the drops will be verified by Stark or Crux. 3. You must post your entries on this thread with a screenshot that has the date and time; you can update or re-enter throughout the duration of the event. 4. The staff team will select the top 3 entries which will then be put into a community poll to decide who the winner of the event is! 5. You may not vote for your own entry.   Rewards: 1st place: Lava Whip 2nd place: Slayer Helmet (normal) 3rd place: Ring of Wealth  and  a Super Mystery Box   Thanks, Crux Staff Team ...
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